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02nd September / Web3
What technologies are being born today and what will that mean for the way we live and do business? Read on to discover the tech of the future.

Weren’t we supposed to be living in floating cities by now? Although our world may not look like some of our early predictions and our hoverboards aren’t parked in our garages, many of them are coming true. Technology has made some monumental leaps in the last years and right now is an exciting time to discuss the latest advancements.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are sometimes used interchangeably but they are very different and are being developed at different speeds. Augmented reality has already been proven to be a success with the likes of Pokémon Go. Virtual reality is more complex and attempts to immerse us in a completely new world through a visual headset do present challenges.


Virtual reality is undoubtedly a technology for the future and has immense power as a potential marketing tool for businesses. Products, services and experiences could be experienced through virtual reality rather than browsing websites and catalogues. Although the technology to do this has yet to be perfected, the clock is ticking for a new wave of business opportunities.


High-Speed Transport

Watercooler complaints of commuting times may be a thing of the past as transport becomes even quicker. Bullet trains and super-fast flights are heading our way and will help businesses recruit staff from a wider pool of talent.


5G Technology

The first smart cities are being made and that is thanks to 5G technology. The invention of 5G is not just another level up from 4G or just another network. Having 5G opens up a wealth of possibilities. Increased download speeds will mean games, apps and our devices will become a lot more powerful. It will even help forward the connectivity between devices and advance the Internet of Things. This will also be something that businesses need to keep their eye on to reach their market more effectively.


AI Robot Workers

Whether the idea of robots being your doctor’s assistant or your cleaner scares you, the truth is technology is heading that way. Robots have an exceptional ability to store data and information which can come in useful to human workers. It can even help them avoid mistakes, save on business hours and ensure the safety of others.



Drones are one of the technology advancements that split opinion the most. Some people believe they are an invasion of the skies and our privacy. Others recognise their potential to businesses and community convenience. Deliveries are one of the most obvious uses of drones, allowing us to speed up delivery times and again open up new markets for businesses.


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