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02nd September / Business
Make the most of your downtime with these business podcasts which will inspire, educate and help you to grow your empire.

Reading marketing articles and staff productivity posts are beneficial to improve your business, but sometimes, you just want to access information with less effort. The best way to get the content you need without spending time at your desk in front of a screen is with a podcast.

Podcasts have surged in popularity with some help from video streaming sites like YouTube. Whatever your reasons for upgrading your business acumen, here are some of the best business podcasts that you should know about.


Love a Startup Story?

If you are a new business and want to be inspired and motivated to achieve, then you want to hear about Mixergy. This podcast is one of the most established business podcasts around and has already brought 1000 successful business founders to the table to tell their startup stories. Mixergy is the go-to podcast to learn about common problems and the best solutions in your early years.


Need Personal Development Content?

Tony Robbins is the king of personal development topics in the podcast arena. He has held talks with supreme athletes and the best business heads in the world. All his content is moving and reflective, helping business owners to consider their own goals and actions. If your business has been in a slump, then this podcast may be the one to get you back on track.


Something on Marketing…

Marketing is a big topic on all formats and platforms, which is why you have so many options when it comes to choosing a business podcast looking into marketing. Some of the best include The Marketing Companion which is more laid back and includes celebrity appearances, and The Content Champion Podcast which discusses content writing and marketing strategies with valuable insights.


What About Writing Alone?

If you want a specific podcast that deals with marketing from a copywriter’s perspective, including blogs, emails and more, then The Content Champion is only rivalled by Copyblogger FM. To learn what it takes to generate high-quality written content that converts, listen to these two podcasts.


Pure Performance

If you just want to get to the meat of business and want a podcast that will give you motivation to succeed, there is no better host than Daymond John. This Shark tank success story has proved he knows what it takes to be the protagonist in a success narrative and shares his thoughts with you in the aptly named, Rise and Grind podcast.


Leadership Advice

Leadership is indispensable to any business owner and that becomes evident when listening to Lead to Win. Hosted by Michael Hyatt, Lead to Win touches on different aspects of leadership and how leadership paves the way to success.


Podcasts remain one of the best ways to access information easily. This is no different when needing to educate yourself on the business world and grow your very own empire. Start listening to these renowned podcasts to maximise your potential.

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