2023 Rockstar Trip: The Weekend in Milan That Almost Never Happened

20th September / Lifestyle
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At Bizpedia, it’s a tradition to choose one member from each Bizpedia group, based on who we feel has contributed the most (which is often a difficult choice) and surprise them with a trip as a reward for going above and beyond what’s expected.


However, as you will find out, the destination wouldn’t end up being the only surprise on this trip.


Picture this: Four Bizpedia members, buzzing with excitement, had been eagerly awaiting a surprise trip away to an unknown location. The anticipation had been building for months, and after turning up with just a time, date and meeting location, they were finally ready to meet with Bizpedia CEO – Josh Williams and begin their mystery weekend away. But what happened next would end up derailing their weekend completely…


Due to some complications at the airport, the group was unable to board their flight and were told that there were no more flights available that day! It quickly dawned on them that their weekend had slipped away before their eyes.


However, determined to deliver on his promise of an unforgettable weekend, Josh was able to find the perfect solution in the form of a Bizpedia member. The man of the hour was Global Director of ACS – Oliver Foss, who wasted no time pulling together a solution to get the group back on track and into the air in time for their plans in Milan!


The only logical choice at this point, was of course to hire a private jet! So thanks to the vigilant work of Oli, there was a jet confirmed and on the tarmac just 24 minutes after the request was made!


Once they finally arrived at their location – Biggin Hill Airport, and the jet had been fueled up, they boarded, let out a sigh of relief, and were whisked away to Milan.


All within the time-frame of an hour or two, the group went from anticipation, to disappointment, all the way to giddy excitement when they found themselves sitting in the seats of a private jet! they couldn’t help but to smile at the incredible turn of events.


Thanks to Oliver Foss’ support, their weekend in Milan was not only back on track but elevated to a level beyond their expectation!


Upon arrival in Milan the group were running on empty, so they wasted no time getting in a much needed power nap and freshen up once they got to the hotel. After all, they were in for an evening tour of some of Milan’s most incredible spots.


We wanted to show our members the authentic Milan experience, and all of the luxury experiences that come with it. Starting with a meal at the Michelin starred ‘Belé Restaurant’ in the lively area of Navigli. The restaurant definitely lived up to the name, meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Milanese dialect, which the food and stunning modern-style dining area certainly were!


These parts of the trips are where the real magic happens, members spending quality time with other like-minded people while sharing an incredible experience. It all adds up to be the perfect recipe for building strong relationships.


Milan continued to deliver on its promise of Italian-style sophistication as the group enjoyed espresso martinis in a few charming local bars before heading to finish the night off with a bang at the Armani Prive Nightclub, located in the heart of Milan. It’s difficult to stand out in ‘the world capital of fashion’ but this nightclub has managed to do so through the relaxed but luxurious design that Giorgio Armani has become so well known for.


The entertainment certainly didn’t disappoint either, the service was fantastic and the DJ did a great job of keeping everyone, including our members, having an incredible time until the early hours of the morning!


Here’s what everyone on the trip had to say about the whole experience:


“I really love organising these surprise trips for our members, to recognise the hard work they do in contributing to our community. I must admit though this one was the craziest one yet! I was gutted that we missed our flight, but it was so worth it in the end! I am really glad we could pull it all together through the network to give our members a once in a lifetime experience.” – Josh Williams, CEO of Bizpedia


“Thank you Josh Williams and Bizpedia for an unforgettable weekend spent in Milan. Wonderful food and drink, much fun and many laughs all enjoyed with like minded people. It doesn’t get much better than this!” – Dave Green, MD of Lightning Safety Systems


“A brilliant trip surrounded by inspirational people. My highlight was how, in the face of adversity, Josh not only salvaged the situation but showed up like no one else… We are often measured by how we think differently / creatively, but Josh’s thinking blew us all out of the water… into the air! A world class response and a great lesson learnt!” – Brennan Jacomb, MD at GreenSpaceUK


“It was fantastic, we all had a brilliant time” – Richard Mussel, MD at Rund Partnership Ltd.


“What can I say, a truly once in a lifetime experience that blew my mind. It was an emotional rollercoaster which went from the low of missing our flight to the unbelievable high of boarding a private jet all in the space of two hours. Josh made an incredible comeback, making it an unforgettable experience for us all. The highs were the private jet which I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced and also the glitz and glam of the Armani club. Most of all, Rich, Brennan, Dave and Josh were great company, we had such a laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed making everyone at home feel jealous. An incredible experience, thank you Josh and the guys for making it so memorable.” – Kelly Parnell, Sales Director at Connected by Fusion.

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