How to be a good leader

20th January / Leadership
Strong leadership is so important in businesses. Read our tips on how to be a good leader.

Strong leadership is essential to get the best out of your workforce and your business. Employees who work under effective leaders are more productive, more motivated and happier. Employee retention is also likely to be higher. As a result, your company will benefit financially. Richard Branson, who makes employee wellbeing a top priority, says “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to be a good leader.


1. Be a role model

The best leaders lead by example. They demonstrate the qualities they want to see in their staff. When they talk the talk, they walk the walk, portraying integrity. If you want staff to be positive, motivated and work hard, embody these traits yourself. You will then inspire and influence your workforce to imitate those qualities.


2. Encourage people to share ideas and contribute

Let staff know you appreciate and welcome their ideas, input and opinions. Consider these statistics:

By encouraging them to share their ideas, you will make them feel valued, build their confidence, encourage them to share more, engage more and create a positive team atmosphere. You may also gain some golden nuggets allowing you to innovate within your company and gain a competitive advantage, which can only benefit your business!


3. Enthuse passion

You need to be passionate about your business and where you are going to encourage others to want to be part of the journey with you. If you are a leader working on a project with your team which you have no passion for, how can you expect your staff to be passionate too? Think of ways to demonstrate your passion, praise people when they make progress and share and celebrate milestones.


4. Stop micromanaging

Micromanaging doesn’t allow your team to excel, or to utilise their expertise for the job they have been hired to do. It can be interpreted as a lack of trust which puts staff under pressure and makes them feel unappreciated. Set clear goals, then step back and give your staff the freedom and flexibility to work in the way that is most effective for them. This will help you get the best out of your workforce.


5. Admit when you are wrong

It takes courage to admit when you are wrong and admit responsibility. However, there is strength in acknowledging that we are all human and make mistakes. It also shows your employees that you are honest which they will appreciate and respect you more for. It will also encourage them to be honest too.


6. Be positive

Business isn’t always smooth sailing. Some days, you will encounter obstacles. There may be small or big errors made, but having a positive attitude will keep your team motivated, provide hope that challenges can be faced and build resilience.


7. Praise staff

If your team or an individual have completed a job very well, acknowledge them and praise them. This will make staff feel appreciated, and they will feel more satisfied and motivated in their work.


8. Encourage personal and professional growth

When you encourage personal and professional growth and invest in your team, you will build their confidence and give them something to strive for. As we know, competence equals confidence.

You could begin by enrolling your managers on a management or leadership course. To set a good example, you should also work on your own personal and professional growth and maintain a growth mindset.

If you can see that there are gaps in your marketing team’s skillset, put them on a course. The investment will pay off when your team work more efficiently, now equipped with the knowledge they require.

Speak to your employees and find out what career goals they have and what motivates them. Then set tasks which will challenge them and help them grow and develop. Give feedback throughout the process, providing the positives as well as areas for improvement.


Effective leadership can be tough, but with these tips on how to be a good leader, you will be starting the process of leading better today! Visit Bizpedia’s website again soon for more leadership advice!

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