Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

02nd September / Leadership
Concentrate on managing your energy levels and not your time if you want to meet more deadlines and achieve business goals.

It feels like you can’t move on the internet without bumping into another article on how to manage your time more efficiently. The truth is, that lightbulb moment of innovation or that mountain of paperwork is not getting done if you don’t manage your time well. However, time management is not the only thing you need when trying to get stuff done. You need energy.

With the average worker spending more time behind their desk and less time switching off, we are breeding a working culture of half-awake zombies. The truth is, a tired workforce can lead to more mistakes, increased stress and even injuries, while the solution to work less is not a viable option for those with mortgages and a family to feed.

This is where energy comes in. As a business owner, there are ways you can give your staff more energy to succeed and live happier lives. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.


  1. Breakfast Club

We are often worked like machines in the modern era so it is unsurprising that we need to fuel up better. Most of your staff will be dropping kids off at school and will not have time for a nutritious start to the day. Implementing a workplace breakfast club is one way of giving them more energy to meet their goals throughout the day.


  1. Remote Work Wednesdays

Remote work is increasing in popularity among businesses because it is beneficial to both parties. An extra hour lie-in and a day free from traffic stress can boost the energy levels of your staff. You don’t have to offer this for the whole week, but once a week or once a fortnight can go a long way to increase staff’s energy.


  1. Stop After-Hours Emails

Some of the world’s most successful companies are preventing their staff from being able to respond to emails in their leisure time. In fact, Volkswagen and other big names turn off their staff’s email accounts after the end of their shiftto completely release them from their working responsibilities.


What About Bosses?

The leader of the company can find ways to help their staff have more energy, but it can be harder for them to follow their own advice. When it’s your empire on the line, there might not be an off switch and fatigue can easily set in.

One of the best ways to battle this problem is acceptance. If you accept that doing less can lead to more down the line, you are more likely to close the laptop or schedule the business call during working hours. Working with 50% battery power is never going to allow the magic to happen. You need full concentration and all your brainpower to create innovation and make a difference for your market.


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