The 2023 Bizpedia Christmas Party Recap

02nd January / Bizpedia

The 2023 Bizpedia Christmas Party will certainly be one for the history books. The whole Bizpedia team came together to indulge in an afternoon of holiday cheer at the incredible Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa!


In true Bizpedia fashion the festivities began with a spirited competition—”wrap the present”, the goal being to pick a member on your table and wrap them up the best you can (with extra points for originality!).


Keen to participate as always, team Bizpedia grabbed the opportunity with both hands and wasted no time turning their chosen member into a suspiciously human-shaped Christmas present. The room erupted with laughter and frantic talks of strategy, and after the five minutes whizzed by, it was time for the winning group to be decided. To make it more interesting, we offered to leave the judging to the incredible singer, Rachel Hawnt.


Despite there being many well-wrapped presents and no shortage of creativity between them, a present in the form of the “star of wonder” won over Rachel and the popular vote of the room, advancing their team to the second and final round.


Following the organized chaos that was the first game, the members returned to their tables for an expertly prepared Christmas dinner and enjoyed some mouth-watering desserts.


After having some great conversations and time to let the food go down, the intense competition between the winning table of the “wrap the present” challenge began. They were set to face off in a “heads or tails” style general knowledge quiz to ultimately decide the winners of the coveted prizes.


The stakes were high, with the promise of concert tickets at the O2 for the runner-up and a dreamy two-day trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day for first place. After several rounds of general knowledge questions and eliminations, two contestants were left competing for the number one spot.


Their final question would be “Which country drinks the most coffee? A, Sweden, or B, Finland?” Once they had both locked in their answers, Sophie Collins, who had very confidently picked Finland, was declared the winner of the Valentine’s Day Paris trip! Congratulations to Benjamin Dennehy, who claimed the O2 tickets as the runner-up.


Special thanks go to Samuel Woodward and the outstanding team at Harbour Hotel for their warm hospitality. The stunning venue provided the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of amazing company, entertainment, and festive joy. Here’s to more memorable moments and successful endeavors in the coming year!

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