Top 5 TED Talks to watch for personal and professional growth

13th June / Business / Leadership / Mental Health
Are you looking for some inspiration for your personal and professional growth? We have put together 5 TED Talks that we recommend you watch!

Are you looking for some inspiration and words of wisdom for your personal and professional growth? Are you open to new ideas? Do you want tips on how to improve your life, your business and your wellbeing? Then we highly recommend you watch some TED Talks. We have put together our top 5 TED Talks to watch to help motivate and inspire you on your journey of learning and improvement.

TED Talks started in 1984 with the mission to spread ideas. TED Talks cover a wide variety of topics from business to science and the top 5 we have listed are only a few of the amazing talks to watch, so it is worth watching these and then, if you want to explore further, browse the TED website for more.


1. The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown

The Power of Vulnerability is an absolute must-watch TED Talk! Brené Brown talks about a piece of her research that she undertook on human connection. The study helped her to learn more about herself and humanity – shame, worth, love and belonging all have a part to play. She says that, when you embrace vulnerability, you invite connection into your life.


2. What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study of Happiness – Robert Waldinger

Want a happier life? Then this TED Talk is a good one for you. Robert Waldinger discusses a 75-year-old study on happiness and shares the lessons the study revealed, and he also provides hands-on tips on how to lead a happy, fulfilling life.


3. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator – Tim Urban

Is procrastination an issue you face regularly? In this funny talk, Tim Urban shares his experience with procrastination and makes you think about what you are procrastinating on, considering that we all have only a limited time in life.


4. The Power of Why – Simon Sinek

As one of the most popular TED Talks of all time, Simon Sinek discusses why some great companies and leaders can inspire and others cannot. It comes down to knowing your why, showing people including prospects and staff why you do what you do – your purpose. This is one to watch to help assist you in thinking about your business and your purpose.


5. Sleep is Your Superpower – Matt Walker

In Sleep is Your Superpower, Matt Walker explains the importance of sleep and the detrimental impacts of too little on your brain and body. This includes things like your memory and your immune system. It is well worth a watch and very insightful!


We hope that these TED Talks give you some motivation and help you make positive changes in your life today!

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