How to be confident

17th March / Mental Health
As a business owner, to make things happen, you require confidence. There are many ways in which you can craft yourself to be confident, we have highlighted 5 that you can start today.

Business owners require many skills to be successful; confidence is one of them. If you are confident, you are more likely to be able to approach investors with a new idea, to sell better, make decisions easier, have more resilience in tough times, and to excel. When you have confidence in yourself and your business, others, including prospects and your staff, are more likely to have confidence in you as well. Below you can find some ideas for how to be confident and develop your confidence when running a business.

1. Continue to grow and improve yourself

Being an entrepreneur or business owner requires constant growth. We have all heard the phrases ‘competence equals confidence’ and ‘knowledge is power’; these may be clichés but they are also very true. By reflecting on past experiences and incorporating regular learning into your schedule, you will continue to develop your skills and knowledge, and as a result will feel more confident.

Your learning schedule should include time for business and industry specific knowledge, as well as personal growth topics. We truly think that both are important at Bizpedia and believe that optimising yourself can have a very positive impact on your business. If you learn how to change your mindset so that you look at rejection and feedback positively, and learn how to optimise your health so that you handle stress better, this can only impact your business in a good way. By taking time to learn both, you will feel more empowered, in a better state and more confident. To be a successful business owner, growing yourself and your business go hand in hand and are a must!

2. Be optimistic

Negativity can easily put you in a bad mindset and also lower your motivation. By keeping an optimistic, positive attitude when facing tough times and training yourself to always look at the positive in any situation, you will appear and feel more confident. Eventually, it will become second nature! Business is never personal; if your product gets rejected by an investor, don’t give up! This is one person’s opinion. Continue on and have faith in yourself and your business!

Undertaking activities like affirmations, gratitude and acts of kindness regularly will also keep you in a positive mood and keep you focused on a better outlook. On top of that, surround yourself with the right people, those who lift you up and build your confidence rather than tear you down. This could be family, friends or fellow entrepreneurs.

3. Take risks

Being a business owner or entrepreneur means that you have to be open to new ideas, technologies and strategies. To innovate and get ahead, you need to be willing to take risks, whether this is on a new marketing channel, or is a new piece of software. Taking risks often pays off and leads to amazing things which ultimately builds your confidence!

4. Take advice when you need it

As much as we would like to know everything, we cannot. Sometimes it benefits us to discuss our ideas and plans with a mentor. By having a mentor, you can gain an objective opinion, but also verify that a decision you want to make is the right one, and this ultimately will give you confidence.

5. Celebrate your wins

A lot of business owners or entrepreneurs are always looking to achieve the next target or goal, and don’t take time to step back and evaluate what they have achieved. It is important to celebrate your wins, whether this is a new client or, on a personal level, conquering your fear of heights by climbing down the spinnaker tower. Whether it is a small or big win, they all count and will help boost your confidence.


Begin to implement these suggestions today, and notice how you become more confident in business.

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